Experts of  TECHIMPEX Ltd are doing their best to ensure high quality of work and required service life for military equipment. One of the main activities of the Company is upgrade and repair of armored vehicles. We offer repair and upgrade of BRDM-2 to BRDM-2T level.


Upgrade package of BRDM-2 to BRDM-2T includes:



  • Replacement of engines GAS-41(petrol) with D245 (diesel). Replacement of the engines includes modernization of:

    - cooling system

    - fuel system

    - electrical equipment

  • Installment of the fully synchronized gear box (5 gears)

  • Clutch installation SACHS (Germany)

   Installation of the radio station R-123M

Installation of two side hatches, which accelerates the landing


Installation of four additional landing seats for landing

  Replacement of wheels with tires 13.00-18 "on wheels with tires 12.00-20"
  Installation of  new designed lighting equipment
  At the request of the customer - installation of air conditioning, additional armour,  navigation system, remotely controlled combat module.

Comparing of technical specifications BRDM-2 and BRDM-2T before and after upgrade:




Engine GAZ-41 V8 Petrol D245, Diesel, L4, turbocharged
Number of engines 2  2
Crew 4  3+4
Working volume, l 5,53  4,75 (4,75)
Total engine power, hp At rpm  140/3400 136/2400 (156/2400)
Torque, kGm 36 45,5(50)

4-speed, with synchronization of 3 and 4 gears

5-speed, fully synchronized
Maximum speed, km / h 90 95...100
Power reserve, km 750 950
Clutch Spring type SACHS, diaphragm type
Additional side - 2

Pneumatic, tubeless, K-58 model (13.00 - 18 '') with adjustable pressure

Пневматические, бескамерные, КІ-113 (12,00–20’’) с регулируемым давлением

Wheels capacity of tanks

2 х 140 = 280

2 х 140 = 280

Weight of a combat vehicle, t



Armament of the BRDM-2T

14.5 mm KVVT 1 1
Ammunition  -  500
7.62 mm PKT machine gun  1  1
Ammunition  2000 2000 


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