Experts of  TECHIMPEX Ltd are doing their best to ensure high quality of work and required service life for military equipment. One of the main activities of the Company is upgrade and repair of armored vehicles. We offer repair and upgrade of BTR-60 to BTR-60T level.

Upgrade allows for prolong of BTR-60T operational life and improves the following:

Description of indicators

Parameters name


Weight 10,3 t
Length 7,56 m
Width 2,83 m
Height 2,23 m
Clearance 0,475 m
  •  four-stroke diesel ...............2 ps
  • displacement .....................6,2 l

 Max.Power  2х140 (280) h.p.
 Transmission  manual, 5-gear, fully synchronized

highway 110 km/ h

on water up to 10 km/h

Cruising range 650 km
Specific ground pressure

7,7 (6,3) kg/сm²

Armor protection Steel, Katana, Homogeneous, Antibullet, antisplinter




  • vertical obstacle 0,5 m
  • roll 25º
  • trench 2 m
  • slope 30º
Radioset Motorola DM-4601, Р-173


  • 14,5 mm KPVT machinegun, 500 rounds
  • 7,62 mm PKT machinegun, 2000 rounds
  • sight.........................PP-61 AM


BAU-23- 2 weapon station

  • 23 mm 2А7М cannon, 2 ps. 400 (2 x 200) rounds
  • 7,62 mm PKT machinegun 2000 (8x250) rounds
  • sight device TIMP-71

Compare of Technical Specifications After Upgrade


Before upgrade

After upgrade

Engine GАZ-49Б, Petrol, Lined, 6 cylinders Diesel, V-type, 8 cylinders
number of engines 2 2
weight, kg 440( 220х2) 636(318х2)
displacement, l 3,48х2 6,2х2
total power output, HP 180(2х90) 280(2х140)
torque, Nm/RPMв 450/1800 650/2000
gear box 4 gears, manual 5-gear, manual, fully synchronized
max. speed, km/h 80 100
fuel consumption, l/100 km Up to 60 Up to 45
Cruising range, km 500 650