Experts of  TECHIMPEX Ltd are doing their best to ensure high quality of work and required service life for military equipment. One of the main activities of the Company is upgrade and repair of armored vehicles. We offer repair and upgrade of BTR-70 to BTR-70TD level.

Upgrade package of BTR-70 to BTR-70TD includes:



  • Replacement of the engines includes modernization of:

- cooling system

- fuel system

- electrical equipment


  • Installment of the fully synchronized gear box (8 gears)
  • Single dry disc coupling installation
   Replacement of 13.00-18” tires with 12.00-20” tires

Replacement of R-123 radio set with R-173 or Motorola



Installment of two BTR-80 style two-piece escape

hatches in the hull sides that shortens dismount time


Installment of:

  • AC unit
  • modern navigation system
  • add-on armor that provides ballistic protection from

12.7 mm ammunition (STANAG 4569 Level 3), kevlar



Specifications comparison after upgrade:




Engine ZMZ-4905, V8, gasoline Turbocharged, L6, diesel
Number of engines 2 1
Engine weight, kg 550 (275 x 2) 572
Weight, t 11,5 11,85
Cylinder volume, l 4,25   7,2
Power, HP/rpm  240/3400 312/2400
Torque, kgm 568@2000-2500 1050@1400
Gearbox 4-speed, manual 8-speed, manual
Max speed km/h 80 100
Fuel consumption, L/100 km 72 35
Cruising range, km 660 750

Armament of the BTR-70TD (same as the BTR-70):




Type Wheeled
Hull Armored, sealed
Weight, kg 11 850 + 3%
Crew 3
Troops 7
Main parametrs:  
Length, mm 7 650
Width, mm 2 900
Height , mm 2 410
Clearance, mm 475
Ground pressure, kg/sm2  7,7
Speed (road), km/h 100
Cruising range, km 750
slope, grad   30
roll, grad  25
trench crossing, m up 2 
ertical wall climbing, m 0,5 
Number of engines  1
Engine type Turbocharged, L6, diesel, turbocharged,
8-gear manual gearbox
Max Power, HP 303
Fuel tanks, L 2x145 = 290
Tires pneumatic, tubeless model КI-113 140НС10 with centralized tire pressure regulation system
Radio station R-173 or Motorola DM-4601
Intercom set R-124 or R-174
Spare parts and accessories according to manufacturer’s recommendations
Additional equipment  Heater, filter ventilation unit, air conditioner  (on request)
14.5 mm KPVT machinegun 500 rounds
7.62 mm PKT machinegun  2000 rounds
Sight 1PZ-7
23 mm gun 2A7M 400 (2х200) shells
7.62 mm machine gun PKT 2000 (8x250) rounds
Sight device TIMP-71



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