Width 1,69 m
Lenght 4,2 m
Height 1,914 m
Clearance 0,211 m
Weight 2,95 t


Mercedes-Benz Unimog 250 GD Gelandewagen



Engine Diesel
Model 602.939
Cylinders 5
Maximum torque 158 Nм(kgf*m)
Nominal power output 68(92) кWt (h.p))
Transmission 6-speed, fully synchronized
Transfer geabox

Number of positions………………….3

Axle differential lock +

Approach angle 42°
Turning radius 11,5 m
Fording depth,m 0,5 m
Max. speed

highway- 123 km/h

off road - 55 km/h

Suspension 4х4
Wheel base 2,4 m

Tire size 225/75R16С

Run Flat (Flat tire system) -option

Seats incl.driver 4
Cruising range 1000 km (Highway)
Electric equipment
  • power generator Battery 24 V
  • generator 55A
  • battery 2x12 V60 A/hour


Mercedes-Benz Unimog 250 GD Gelandewagen

Off road passenger car, a series of off-road vehicles of the brand Mercedes-Benz for operation on all categories of roads and rough terrain. Gelandewagen vehicles are used in the armed forces in more than 20 countries, such as Germany, the USA, Switzerland, Canada, Australia, Egypt and others. Used to transport people, cargo and trailers weighing up to 2000 kg on all types of roads. The car is designed for installation:

  • clamping for personal weapons of the crew;
  • radio stations ;
  • internal and external lightning devices;
  • between the seats of the first and second row, it’s clamping for the machine-gun  or the remote combat platform.

The car's tent is quick-detachable, which allows firing from a machine gun or personal weapons, rapid landing and loading into a car. The strengthened suspension of the car allows to install light armor and other types of weapons. Also, to operate the car on all types of roads and rough terrain, the design of the transfer box provides movement with turned on:

• rear axle;

• rear and front axle;

• rear, front axle and with interlock between axle differential.

With increased load of the car to start its movement upwards and on the rough , terrain gearbox has Downshift gear "L".


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