Repair and production facilities of the TECHIMPEX Company allow for overhaul and upgrade of military and special vehicles of any complexity. Vast experience of our experts in repair work is a guarantee of timely and long-lasting result.

We carry out repair and upgrade of PZM-2M ranging from minor a repair to an overhaul. The work package allows to improve technical and operational specification. We guarantee high quality result.

Durable, high quality results

Professional approach

Timely performance of work


PZM-2M is designed for fortification of control stations, communication centers, an observation posts; diging tranches and shelters for military units.

The vehicle could be used for filling up tranches, ditches and pits, earthmoving operations, grading, road clearing, obstacle removal, road clearing. Winch is used to provide the necessary traction when digging pits and ditches in frozen ground with waterlogged surfaces.

Combat weight, t 12,8
Engine Four-stroke turbocharged diesel SMD-62 
Maximum power, HP 125
Crew 2
length, m  6,99
wight, m  2,55
height, m  3,8
clearance, m  0,43
Max speed, km/h  45
fording, m 1,2
slope, deg 20
roll, deg  12
Cruising range, km 500
Specific ground pressure, kg/cm2 6,6 (6,1)
Trench dimentions:
bottom width, m 0,65-0,9
depth, m 1,2 м
Ditch dimentions
wight, m  2 - 3,5 
depth, m 3
Earth working capacity:
ditch digging, cbm/hour 140
trench digging, m/hour 35–108
Equipped with an air conditioning system


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