The S-125-2TM "Pechora-2TM" ADMS is intended for countering modern and advanced aerial attack assets within the entire range of altitudes, by day and night in simple and complicated meteorological conditions and jamming environment. The S-125-2TM “Pechora-2TM” ADMS ensures effective destruction of low-flying small-size targets and in exceptional cases it can also be employed for destruction of visible ground and surface targets.



Combat assets:

- the SNR-125-2TM Missile Guidance Radar;
- the 5P73-2TM launcher with 4 SAMs on the guiding rails;
 - the 5V27D surface-to-air missiles (SAMs) (the battle set of the ADMS is 24 SAMs);
- the SAES-125-2TM autonomous power supply system

Technical means:

- the TPM-2TM transportation-and-reloading vehicle
 - the AE UNV-2TM special antenna erector;



Location of the S-125-2ТМ “Pechora-2ТМ” on a firing position


Main combat characteristics of the S-125-2ТM "Pechora-2TM" ADMS


Parameters name


Target channel 2
Maximum slant range of targets engaged 35.4 km
Altitudes of engagement 0.02 – 25 km
Maximum cross range of targets engaged 25 km
Maximum speed of targets engaged 900 m/s
 Target kill probability, with one SAM



 Jamming immunity against active barrage jams (Deq=100 km) 2700 W/MHz
Time to lock on a target for autotracking, by target designation data 3 s
Minimal RCS of targets detected

0.02 m

Maximum range of detecting target 100 km
Battle set for 3 launchers 5P73-2TM

24 SAMs

Loading/unloading time one SAM no more than 1 min

Emplacement/displacement time

20 / 20 min

ADMS service life

20 years

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