The T38 STILET Air Defense Missile System self-contained mobile air defense missile system (ADMS) is designed to defend Army units, industrial and military installations from the strikes of all types of modern and advanced aer-ial attack assets with an RCS of 0.02 m2 and more, flying nap-of-the-earth, at low and medium altitudes.

The primary targets of the T38 STILET ADMS are:

- tactical aircraft, types: F-16, F-18 , F-35 , MiG-29, MiG-35, Su-27, Su-35 ;

- attack helicopters, types: Mi-24, Mi-28, Ка-52, AH-1, AH-64;

- unmanned aerial vehicles, types: MQ-1 Predator , RQ-4 GLOBAL HAWK, HERMES, HERON.



Combat assets:

- T381 combat vehicle (CV)
- 9М33М2(3) / T382 surface-to-air missiles (SAM).

Technical support means include:

- T383 transportation and loading vehicle (TLV)
- T384 type alignment vehicle (AV)
- T385 maintenance vehicle (MV)
- T386 automatic mobile check-up and testing station (AKIPS)
- T387 ground equipment set
- T388 automotive equipment maintenance vehicle (AE MV).


The SAM features the following performance characteristics:

guidance system                                             radio command
SAM maximum speed                                      2.5 M
maximum acceleration                                    40 g
mass of the WH                                              23 kg
Maximum slant range of target destruction       20 km
Altitude of target destruction                           10 km
Maximum speed of targets destructed              900 m/s


Main combat characteristics of the T38 Stilet ADMS




9М33М2(3) Т382
Target channel 12.5 0,025 – 10
Maximum slant range of targets engaged 8  10
Altitudes of engagement 700  900
Maximum cross range of targets engaged 0,85  0,9
Maximum speed of targets engaged 0,02
 Jamming immunity against active barrage jams (Deq=100 km) 5
Time to lock on a target for autotracking, by target designation data 45
Minimal RCS of targets detected

no less than 10

 no less than 20

Complete Technical Specification -   download