Official of Statement  TECHIMPEX 

in relation to OCCRP publication «Arms-Washing: Ukraine Network Moves Embargoed European Arms to Africa and the Middle East»,25th September 2017 Kyiv, Ukraine 27th September 2017



In relation to the dissemination of incorrect information in media regarding activities of the Company of TECHIMPEX in the last few days we consider it necessary to provide official information on media reports.

TECHIMPEX carries out its business in strict compliance with national and international laws that set out rules and regulations of military goods transfers. TECHIMPEX is not an authorized company therefore it does not export military goods and services. Exports of military goods and services are performed only through state-owned companies designated by the government of Ukraine.

All export contracts involving military goods pass expertise of authorized state agencies and are executed after the State service of export control of Ukraine issues required permits and licenses.

“Since our activities are not directly relating to military goods export we are not aware of any supplies to countries of Africa, the Middle East and Asia. It is worthpointing out that this kind of media reports discredit the whole defense sector of Ukraine rather than our Company only in the eyes of Ukraine and the world community,” Mr.Volodymyr KALYNA, TECHIMPEX Director General said.

We encourage all parties refer to official sources of information. If you have any questions regarding our Company activities, please, call the Head office +38 (044) 220-08-00, +38 (044) 220-08-03,


Company profile

The Company of TECHIMPEX is a private defense company founded in 2003. The Company is a member of the State Defense Acquisition Program and in the last four years has performed for the Ministry of Defence, National Guard, Ministry of Internal Affairs, State Border Guard Service of Ukraine and other law enforcement bodies overhauls and repairs of over 200 armored vehicles, trucks and relating aggregates.

Since 2017, the Company has been a member of the League of defense companies of Ukraine, non-governmental association of Ukrainian businesses and organizations that manufacturer/design dual use and military goods.