Fields of activities


“TECHIMPEX” Ltd is a private company founded in 2003. The Company is a member of the State Defence Acquisition Program for MoD, National Guard, Border Guard Service of Ukraine. It is registered with the State Service of Export Control as an entity engaged in foreign economic activities with military goods and dual-use commodities. The Company employs about 300 personnel and complies with ISO 9001:2015 quality management system.

Company’s sphere of activities include:

  • manufacture, repair, upgrade, sales and disposal of the military equipment and military weapon,
  • manufacture, repair of artillery and small arms
  • sales of non-military fire arms, ammunition, cold weapon and air guns


Currently “TECHIMPEX” performs at own repair-manufacture facilities the following works:

  • manufacture of 8x8 APC, 4x4 Light Tactical Vehicle, 7,62 mm KT-7,62 machine gun (analogue of PKM), DShKM-T (analogue of DShKM);
  • overhaul and upgrade of Т-54/55, Т-72, BMP-1, BMP-2, BTR-60, BTR-70, BTR-80, BRDM-2, PZM-2, MT-LB, MT-LBu, MTO (mobile workshops), ZiL-135LM;
  • overhaul and upgrade of assembly units and aggregates for military equipment:

- engines type V-2, V-6, UTD-20, KamAZ, GaZ, YaMZ;

- axles, wheel hubs, final drives;

- transmissions;

- stabilization systems;

- sights and observation devices.