Our Company performs demilitarization of armored vehicles (BTRs, BRDMs). The Company developed and approved work packages for complete demilitarization  of above mentioned items on our own facilities.

Approximate list of demilitarization works:

  • dismantling of a turret with elevating and traverse drives;
  • dismantling of firing ports;
  • dismantling of radio set;
  • dismantling of vision devices;
  • dismantling of electric wires and TNA-3 blocks;
  • dismantling of additional wheels designed for trench crossing;
  • dismantling of crew seats, ammunition loader bracings, spare parts kit.
  • line-in repair of major assembly units and parts;
  • replacement of a standard engine with D-245;
  • production and installment of a side door for exiting;
  • refitting of a passenger compartment;
  • refitting of a crew compartment (installation of transformer seats for a driver and a passenger);
  • fitting of a battery backup (benzene electro generator 220V);
  • integration of;
  • fitting of AC;
  • GPS Navigator;
  • installation of wheel disks and KI-113 tires;
  • modernization of a dashboard;
  • modernization of a steering mechanism (replacement of the power steering);
  • installation of new headlights and signalization (parking lights, additional lights etc.);
  • providing required spare tools and accessories (crowbar, spade, towing-line, tools  as ordered by a customer).

Upon customer request a vehicle can be fitted with: night vision devices, video cameras, audio system, TV set, furniture and other elements. The set of the equipment is fitted on case by case basis and the cost is stipulated separately.

Why our Company?

Our own technical facilities

Our company owns production facilities to perform the whole spectrum of works

Quality warranty

Our experts are able to perform a range of works efficiently and qualitatively

Fitting of additional equipment

Set of works to enhance comfort and performance

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